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Berkshire Rattlers Thanksgiving Classic Mite Jamboree

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Jackman L. Stewart Arena, Berkshire School

Sheffield, MA


We look forward to welcoming everyone to the 4th Annual Thanksgiving Classic Jamboree hosted by the Berkshire Rattlers. Families that have attended our past jamboree, games or our Jimmy Welch Tournament know what a great facility we have to use.

Below is some of the information you will need to know about this wonderful event. Please contact Tammy (twysocki@berkshireschool org)  for more information and for the registration form. Spots will not be guaranteed until we have full registration in hand. We are looking to schedule 7 other A and 7 other B teams to play.

GAME FORMAT: Each team will play 4 games in a 4V4 format with one goalie per team. The ice will be split in half by bumpers. Each shift for the players will be 2 minutes; they will be buzzed and the next group will go in. We will keep the clock moving. There will be no scores kept or standings during this event.

FOOD: A full concession stand will be open, located upstairs. We will have breakfast foods (bagels, donuts, poptarts, fruit)… as well as lunch foods (hot dogs, pizza, crock pot items) and various snacks.

T-SHIRTS: We will have a vendor at the Jamboree offering commemorative T-shirts for purchase.

RAFFLE: Tickets for our popular raffle table will be available to purchase in sheets, at $10.00 per sheet. Drawing is before the end of the day.

SCHEDULE: Once we have registrations and teams placed, we will format the schedule and send out information regarding your team’s game times.

REGISTRATION & COST: There will be a $300 registration fee to help off-set the cost of the ice; and every player will receive a gift. 

Please keep in mind that this is a special event for all players and that the focus on this event is FUN. We are looking for the players to enjoy their time and to get as many touches on the puck. We hope that all players, coaches and spectators will follow proper sportsmanship and conduct, as well as respect rink rules.

Please have Registrations to Tammy Wysocki by October 27, 2017, and Rosters in by November 3, 2017.


A note from the Photographer - SilverPeak Studios:


We're offering a pre-order discount for teams or individuals who want to buy the team or player packages. We guarantee you won't be disappointed!


Pre-Order your Team or Player Package for just *$24.00 per player (based on a 10 player team). 


To pre-order, simply have one parent/coach make the purchase online, and then collect payment (see cost-breakdown at bottom of this email).


Visit the Online Shop to pre-order:


Mite Jamboree Photo Event Page:



Visit our website for more details:



How to buy
1. Team Package $240.00: You can pre-order a TEAM package for $240.00. Split among the team in any way you want. See details below.

2. Player Package $45.00: You can pre-order a player package for $45.00 per player. Must purchase before start of event to guarantee that we focus shooting on your player.

3. Photos Posted online after event – check back on our website to view action shots, and purchase. These photos will be low resolution with watermark, and there is no guarantee. To guarantee shots, please choose Team or Player packages above, BEFORE the event.


We look forward to a really fun weekend. If you should have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us, or call!





Rob Schroeter

SilverPeak Studios





*Special Note about Team Package Pricing: **$240 is the total cost for the entire team. For a team of 10 players, that’s just $24 each!


**To qualify for the team package, a single purchase is made for $240.00 through a team representative. For teams with more or less players, the price per player is lower or higher. See table for price breakdown:


8 Players – $30.00 each
9 Players – $27.00 each
*10 Players – $24.00 each
11 Players – $22.00 each
12 Player – $20.00 each
13 Players – $19.00 each
14 Players – $18.00 each
15 Players – $16.00 each